Central Wyoming College


You may hear people say that online learning courses are easier than traditional on-campus courses. At Central Wyoming College, we strive to ensure that our distance learning classes provide you the same quality and benefits as our on-campus classes. At the same time, we endeavor to make the distance learning experience flexible and simple.

Like a traditional class, online learning courses require the same dedication and self-discipline to succeed. You still have to follow a syllabus, read the textbook and other class reading materials, hand in your writing and research assignments on time online, and do well on any online quizzes and exams required for course completion. Time management is important for students enrolled in online courses, and you can expect to budget 3 to 12 hours a week per class.

Instructors and students communicate through online discussion forums, phone and e-mail. All CWC students are issued an email address and are encouraged to use it.

We offer a variety of distance education credit courses every semester and they vary in length.

If you are currently enrolled in a class at Central Wyoming College you have library privileges, whether or not you attend class on campus. Activate your privileges by filling out our online library card application.

To check out physical materials from our library, please contact us with the title and any other pertinent information.

Your greatest library resource as a CWC student are your librarians! We are here to help you find the information you need, gain research and information literacy skills, learn to cite sources, and support you as a CWC student beyond the boundaries of time and place. Please call or email us with questions.

Visit the library page for more information!